Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tehillim at the cotel

On the sixth night of Chanukkah my father took me and my family (with my bubbe and zaide) to the "Kotel". On the way to the kotel, we walked down the road בן-יהודה to "Burger King". I took a triple burger with coke. Later we walked up the road (בן-יהודה) to "שקלים" and bought some clothing. After a half an our we walked to a bus stop and went on the 38 bus. The 38 bus take you to the kotel, so we got on it. We got off at the kotel stop and went to the Kotel. At the kotel there was a huge menora with candles lighting. We (not including my bubbe) went in to the boy section to reed the tehillim (written on klaf). I read out loud 14 perakim from tehillim with out stopping. Here Is a link for a video of me doing bits of prakim א,ג,ד,יב:
Tehillim Video

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The "Water Proof" watch

Yesterday my Bubbe and Zaide came to my house at 6:15 PM with 6 suitcases with a lot of presents in them. A couple of minutes later my family lit our Chanukkah candles. After my family (with me) lit our candles My Bubbe and Zaide gave us our Chanukkah present. Our Chanukkah present was a Waterproof watch which can be submerged 100m in water. Here Is an image of my watch that I got Yesterday:

after we got our Waterproof watch they gave us Chanukkah Cookies for the way to there house that they were staying for Chanukkah. They lit their candles and we went home.


My father's work "doughnut"

On Thursday,December 06,2007 My father took me to his work. On the way we dropped off my mother and little brother at the pool. We drove to his (my fathers) work. As soon as we got there my father took me to the kitchen of the work, and I got to eat a chocolate doughnut. Here is an image of a chocolate doughnut (not the same kind of doughnut I had):

I enjoyed the chocolate doughnut and when I finished, I went back to the desk and wrote this blog post.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My expectation for Chanukah

Every Thursday at the end of the day in school my teacher tells my class to make an essay. After he tells everybody to create the story, then the next week and the week after that he checks the story's and tells the kid who gave in the story what he should do. Either "revisions" or "It is done". this is part of my story that he told the whole class to do witch needs to be at least 200 words (in Hebrew, but I just translated It to English):

What will I do on Chanukah

Hello! I want to tell you what my expectations are for Chanukah. I am so excited because my father's parents are coming and are giving me a water proof watch.
Do you still want to know what my expectations for Chanukah are?
If yes, keep on reading.
1) On Chanukah I always like to eat doughnuts and latkes. But for the bad luck my parents only let my have one doughnut. They also barely let my have latkes unless I have protein first. Therefore I don’t expect from my parents to give me doughnuts and barely latkes.
2) I always like to go to "mitnapchim" (moon bounce) and buy popcorn. But my parents will never give me money to buy something not healthy. Therefore I do not expect my parents to give me money to buy something not healthy.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

how I finished in one year half of tehilim

On 04 November 2007 I finished half of seffer tehilim. I was doing the perakim of tehilim a lot of times and at the end I new it by hart.
A day later I asked my father if I can get extra money for finishing half of seffer tehilim.
He said: "you will get another spacial bonus if you go over half seffer tehilim and remember everything (to check he tests me)".
Here is one of the perakim I learned by hart witch is a song:

song of תהלים כ"ג


Friday, November 2, 2007

Why did my teacher throw my marble out the window

It occurred on October 24Th at school. That day I wan a lot of marbles from a lot of kids. The class I had started and I wanted my teacher to take away a marble from me so I took out a marble (witch is caled a "Nachashit" witch is wirth 8) and held it in front of me. My teacher saw it so he took it away and threw it tords the window but he missed. He caght it and tried throwing again but this time he got it out the window. After a couple of seconds he said: "Oh now you are going to write on your blog about how I threw you marble out the window". Soon unuf all the kids asked: "What is a blog?"

my teacher answerd:
"It is a יומן that the whole wold can see it".

Then a kid asked:
how do you make a blog?

I said:
"It is realy easy".

my teacher said:
"Just ask shaltiel".


Monday, October 29, 2007

How I made a resolution to assist my friends shop

It occur around 2 weeks in the presence of October, my friend told me that his brother is going to to strike him because he got hardly any money. Later when school ended me and my good friend marched turds my house. I commenced going up the stairs and I begged my mother to give unuf money so my friend's brother won't struck him. She agreed, but only if I get the money when I get back. I agreed. I went down and gave him the money and stamped back upstairs.


Why was my friends brother going to strike him?

because they bot a lot of candy and were selling the candy for less money. his brother was going to murder (strike) him because he only sold a little bit of candy (and got a little bit of mone).


Friday, October 19, 2007

קוליות (Koliot)

I learned in school something that is called: "קוליות" Koliot. "B" is a "קולי" Koli letter. If you say the letter "B" out loud is sounds like the letter "B"; If you whisper the letter "B" then it sounds like the letter "V". Why did the letter "B" turn into the letter "V"?
Because it turned from a plosive to a fricative.
If you take away the Koliot then it becomes a "P".
Here are 2 (boxes) examples (one in English and one in Hebrew):

In English:

In Hebrew:

I learned lots of more boxes of them with defferent letters.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Simchat Torah (Mareh Cohen)

On Simchat Torah (night) the crowd sang songs and one of them is "Mareh Cohen". this is the song:

Mareh Cohen

At the last 2 lines of the song a father put me on his shoulders and I shouted the last 2 lines. I finished saying (shouting) the last 2 lines and the crowd Began to say:

אמת מה נהדר היה כהן גדול בצאתו מבית קדשי הקדשים בשלום בלי פגע.

and the father I was on jumped and I jumped too (on his shoulder).


Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Questions for the רב רימון

ערבית just ended and I ran to the רב רימון and asked him these 2 Questions:

1] I am a Lefty so do I cover my eyes at שמע ישראל with my left of right hand?
2] how do you call שבת תשובה:
שבת תשובה or שבת שובה


1] I think you still need to cover your eyes with your right hand but I am not shur, ask me that Question a difrent time because I need to check it out.
2] you could call it both שבת תשובה and שובה.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

simchat torah (Alia to the torah)

On simchat Torah (day) I saw my Friends father reading the Torah. I watched him read until my Friend pulled me away. He asked me:
"Do you want to make a Alia to the Torah?"
"Yes" I answered. I waited on line for doing a Alia (of kids). It was my turn, and a kid (I do not know) let me use his talit for the Alia. I put on the talit and said the Alia. the words of the Alia are:

ברכו את ה' המבורך
ברוך ה' המבורך לעולם ועד

ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם אשר בחר בנו מכל העמים ונתן לנו את תורתו ברוך אתה ה' נותן התורה.
while he read the Torah I followed along with my eyes. after the reader of the Torah reads the parshia I say:
ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו אשר נתן לנו תורת אמת וחיי עולם נטע בתוכנו ברוך אתה ה' נותן התורה
I said that and ran off to tell my father about that.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The collection of marbles

I wanted a bicycle deck (a spacial kind deck of cards). We drove to the store and tried buying (the deck of cards) but they did not have. So I decided to buy a pack of marbles for 2.50 shekel.
The next day we (my family with me) went (drove) to Jerusalem. we walked from "Ben yehuda" to the pharmacy. There wasn't the medicine we were looking for. There was a lot of candy so I bot one peace of candy for 5.99 shekel.
I paid for the candy and started eating it. After a couple of seconds my brother said he will buy it from me for 5 shekel. I agreed and we traded. I went in to a toy
store and bot a pack of huge marbles with the five shekel my brother gave me.
that is why I had so meny marbles.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Questions on the blog

Blogger Questions

Why can’t it be that has soon as you create a blog it can’t come with adsense?
Why do you have to be 18 years old to have adsense?
Why do you have to have a google account to add a comment?
Can you make it that anybody can add a comment?

Friday, September 28, 2007

how I maneged to get rid of chores

it was 4:30 PM and I wrote a note to my parents so I won't have to do chores. This is the letter I wrote to them:

I created it on paint.

1] What is paint?
2] How do you get paint?

1] paint is a program that you can paint on the computer pictures.
2] you go to start, all programs, accessories, and look for paint.

I saved it as "JPEG" on my desktop.

I clicked on the the "JPEG" and got to the picture I painted. I clicked on "Ctrl+A" and clicked again on "Ctrl+C" and went to a word. this time I clicked on "Ctrl+V" and wait until it pasted and print it.

I put the letter in a envelop and worte the address and gave it to my parents and they agreed.

the end

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

עברית תנכית עברית עכשווית

this is something I learned in כתובים class about how we say words in Torah time and how we say words in now time. here are 2 examples in English and Hebrew:

I learned all this in mishlei משלי

Friday, September 21, 2007

The video of sukkot vacation

There was no school that day and I was bored. I went to my computer and started to create a movie (for Yom Kippur). I was creating it on the program: "Ulead Video Editor". I started to create the movie when it dawned on me that the movie was not connected to Yom Kippur, although it was connected for Sukkot. I finished the movie and called my father from the kitchen and he watched the movie and my father said to immediately upload it to: and I did. and here is the movie I created on yideoz:

the end.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The late note

Last week I mist the bus. My Father wrote (on the computer) this late note:
שאלתיאל ציון התקשה לקום הבוקר ועל כן הוא החמיץ את ההסעה ואיחר לבית הספר and printed it out on a paper. When we were getting into the car we saw a friend of ours. They asked if we need a ride to school and we said "yes". My father gave us (me and my big brother) our late notes and let us leave to school. We got to the school and left the car and went to class. When we got to class the teacher asked me: " why was I late?"
I did not answer but I gave him my late note. He read it and said: "in the future I will want the late note to be written by hand". I said ok. And I think I know why, because if the note is printed it could be writtin by the kid and not the parrent.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How I created an email for my Friend

It started when my teacher הרב דן wanted all the kids email addresses. Only around 5 had email addresses so they wrote them down (on a paper) and gave it to הרב דן (the teacher). I asked a kid: "do you want me to create for you an email address?"
he answered: "yes, I want you to create me an email". So we went out of the class and decided what will be his email address and password. At the end his email address was: <"">, But he really wanted: <""> but it was to short. So today I am going to go to his house and sign him in, and explain to him what I did to get in to his inbox.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yaakov Avdiel and I doing חברותות together

Yesterday I was surprised to know that the school organized חברותות during my best class. In the end I had my best class but witch wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. After the class, my class and I went down to the בית מדרש to learn חברותות with fifth graders. My fifth grader was Yaakov Avdiel because he is my brother.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The hero of the day

Yesterday Chen Shmuel (my little brother) locked himself in my parents room by himself. My mother called me so I came to her, and she told me that he locked himself in the room . We told him to unlock the door, but instead of opening he double loked the door. While he was in the room he was screeming and screeching inside the room. I asked my mother: "don't you have a copy of the key"?
she answered: "yes, but in the room he (Chen Shmuel) locked himself in". So my mother tried a couple of things but they did not work. My mother called my father and asked if her last idea was good, my father answered: "yes". She moved the laundry and opened the little window to the bathroom in the room my brother locked himself in. I was about to fall into the toilet so I closed the cap of the toilet and got in to the room to unlock it. When I was opening the door I figered out that Chen shmuel double locked it.
Yesterday I forgot to write about this story in my blog.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Why do I learn בלשנות in הסטוריה?

I was suppose to learn different languages in בלשנות, but I didn't learn any languages (until now) in בלשנות (I just had one for now) because all i did was introduction. I did learn a couple of words in הסטוריה, for example: (in Greek) γη=ground, γεαφειγ=to write, καλαμος=קנה="somthing to write with", (now in Latin) dvctus=מסלול משיכת הקולמוס, equator=הקו המשווה.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first greek word

I just learned My first Greek word. The word was: σφηρα=safira which is in the word המיספירה=half the earth. I was suppose to learn that word in בלשנות, but I learned it in הסטוריה. why?
because I was learning about the world and the teacher told me about half the earth=המיספירה which was a Greek word. He asked: "who wants to write in Greek"?
almost everybody razed there hands. He wrote it on the board and I copied it to my notebook. When I came home I logged on the my account, pressed start went to control panel, pressed regional and language options, went to languages, details, pressed add and went to Greek so I had the language on my computer.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

running with one crock in my hand

Yesterday I was waiting next to the entrance of the school. The principal said all the kids who live in אלון שבות could leave. I started running but my crock fell off my foot so I pushed kids backwards grabbed my crock and ran to the bus with one crock in my hand and one on my foot. I was running toward the bus when the keeper said: "where do you thing you are going"?
he surprised me so I put on my crock, and I said: "I am from אלון שבות" so he let me go and I ran toward the bus and caught first seat on the bus. When my brother came on the bus I let him set next to me.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

The first mincha school day

Today I went to school and started davening שחרית and there was no chazan. Each person davened the עמידה to him self (quietly) and we all said עלינו together. Later (at the end of the day) we davened mincha. We started with אשרי in a song with no טעמים. The עמידה + עלינו each person davened to him self (quietly). Because I am in the big school it is my first time davening mincha at school.


Friday, August 31, 2007

My first day of school

Today it was my first day of school. I was sitting in second place on the bus. I arrived at my class and stated to learn tihelim (witch I all ready know). The class did 5 פסוקים and went to recess, we came back to eat and learned 10 פסוקים of a Chumash and I listened carefully to the teacher, and went back home. When I was crossing the street I tripped and got hurt, I was screaming and screeching when I arrived home.`


Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Class Meeting

On Thursday I went to a meeting of my whole class at the teacher's house. He talked about the rules of his class for exsample: "To show up your hand like stop to talk to a Friend" and a short דבר תורה of this week parsha. The meeting was not as fun as I thought it would be, but at the end it was very fun.
How come?
because we hat a lot of candy: "chips, chocolate bar and pretzels".
At the end of the meeting, the parents came to take there children home, but there was a kid who asked me if he could drive home with me and I said: "probably". When my mother came to pick me up, I asked her if she could take that kid with and she said: "yes". So she drove the kid home and went back to our house.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

lotery ticket

One Friday I went with my father to Jerusalem for lunch and to buy some toys, clothing and to enjoy the fun at lunch. While we were passing a lottery store we bought 10 lottery tickets for me because I received $100 for my birthday and I have the privilege of spending $20 from the $100. So I purchased 10 lottery tickets. After we bought them I tried to scratch them off with my finger nail but I could not manage to scratch anything off. Later my father gave me a coin but it was no use, we got to the next store we asked to trade in 1 shekel for 2 half shekels. After we left the store, I tried to scratch with the half a shekel and it worked. Later I scratched them all out and I wan 35 shekel. We finished our lunch and went back to the lottery store and got 35 shekel and went home.

Monday, August 27, 2007

my tiger shirt

We were on are way to a baseball game, I threw up all over the car; In the middle of a highway. My father stopped on the shoulder of the road and rinsed off me and my clothing. I had to wear a bathing suit with no shirt for the rest of the ride. We put my clothing on the roof of the car so they could dry Until we got to the Field. When we got there I threw the bathing suit away and put on the shirt and pants witch were just about dry. after I put on my clothing we walked into the field where all the people were siting to watch the game. At the beginning of the game my father bot me a burgers bar witch was next to the Field, I wanted a 150 gram, anion rings, pickles and anions. I inhaled it and asked my Bubbe to buy me a drink of coke and she did. I asked my father if he could by me a shirt, he said to ask how much it cost. I went to ask how much a shirt cost for my size and she said 50 shekels, I told my father how much it cost and he said to ask my Bubbe if she could buy it for me and I did. she said yes so I showed her the store and she bot me a tiger shirt. At the end of the game I went to ask the tiger players (who lost) to sign my tiger shirt, and I got a lot of players to sign my shirt. One of them who I asked to sign my shirt twice, the second time he gave me a ball. on the way back to the car I asked a nother person to sign my shirt, he signed it and I was heding home, we went in to the car and drove home.

Friday, August 24, 2007

my fathers work

Yesterday I went to my fathers work. It was about an our of driving until we got to his work. When we got there we went down into the parking lot. We went all around the parking lot until we got to level -3 that was reserved for Excalibur and we parked there. We looked around for an elevator, when we found the elevator we walked towards the elevator. When we got to the elevator we went inside it I slammed my thumb on button level "4". The elevator rocked and rolled until it got to level "4". When it got to level "4" we got out of the elevator we went to the door of Excalibur and we typed the secret code and went in. There was a machine that you need to put you finger on to tell the business that you came, and if you are just a visitor with your father so you have a different place to put your finger that tells the business you came. We went to my fathers office and I read a lot of times Tehillim number 71 part 2, why?
Because I get something special for doing it. I read it a lot of times until it was time for lunch. I went to the kitchen and eat, and I met a person named: "David Zichri" and he told me to meat him at his office when i finish eating. When i finished eating i went to him and I showed him my blog and he asked me if I could write about him in the blog and I said "ok". When I came back my father put me in front of a movie while he did some more stuff in the work, when the movie was finished we went home.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

water park

Yesterday I went to a water park with my family. It was about an our of driving until we got to the water park. When we got to the water park there was almost no room to park. After 2 minuets we found a parking spot but we were still not so sure that we were aloud to park there. After we parked my father went to ask if we were aloud to park there, and she said "yes". Later we got are tickets and went in. there was a lot to do and i didn't know what to do first. so i changed in to my bating soot and first went to the slide witch was for little kids. Later i found another 2 slides one for normal ages and one for big ages.
why was each slide for different ages?
Because one was short, one was pretty long and one was long and with a bump in the middle. I went on the long slide with a bump in the middle, the first time i bashed my head and I went to the side for a minute then did it again and it was very fun, and I went on the slide a lot of times, until i saw a huge bucket full of water spill from a roof on people. I thought it was fun so i tried to be in the water spill. i was in both bucket spill and then i didn't want to be in the water anymore so i went home after half an our.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

how to make a story

1. you thing about what you did one day and then make a tittle of the best part of the day you were thinking about.
2. you write all about what hapend that day from the begining to the end.
3. you look at the story you maid and think of better words, lets say you wrote: then instead write later.
4. you read the story and think where to add parts that you forgot to write about.
5. you read the story to see if you like, and if you do like the story, you could show all your friends the story you maid