Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giving in a First Grade Essay

A couple of weeks ago my hebrew class teacher gave us an essay assignment. Obviously almost nobody did it at home, so everybody was making up a quick essay during the breaks. I didn't want to write an essay so I just grabbed one of my 2006 essays. The teacher called some kids up to read their story, and said that they weren't right and they didn't give the right opening. Finally he called me up and I started reading. After the first sentence he started commenting and said that all the essays should have this type of opening, and even when I was done he kept on cangratulating me for the most wonderful essay. I started cracking up, and everybody didn't understand why until I explained that it was my first grade essay.

The End

Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to a movie with a friend alone

On wednesday 8/12/10 I went to watch "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" at the theaters. My friend and I wanted to have good seats so we ordered tickets on the net the sunday before the movie. We chose the seats in the middle of the 5th row. Even though we paid an extra 9 shekels, it was worth it. When we got to the theaters there was a huge line of about 50 people. we went to the lady who was giving out the tickets, and when she saw our reserved ID number she stopped what she was doing to give us our tickets. We looked back at the huge line we skipped and I told my friend "good thing we ordered on the net, otherwise we would have been stuck in the line for 3 years". After the movie we needed to get to the central bus station. We couldn't find a road that leads to the central bus station, so we followed the crowd that apparently was going to the bus station. We got on the bus safely and got home at 15:30.