Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Eye Test Chart

A couple of days ago (or weeks) my father took my brother to a eye doctor and i came with. At the doctor i saw him put up an eye chart and tested him with out glasses and only one eye. How did he test him with only one eye?
its because the doctor covered his second eye with tape and tested him with the that was not covered. Later that day my brother asked me to test him with and with out his glasses. So i made my own chart and here it is:

But when i printed it there wasn't so much ink in the printer so it didn't come out good. In a couple of days when ever i have time i will test him with my chart.
How will i print it if there isn't any ink in the printer?
Because my father switched inks not long ago.


Friday, May 9, 2008

יום העצמאות barbecue

Yesterday and my Family And I went to כפר עציון to do a barbecue. While the food was cooking me and my father played baseball. At the beginning we stood close to each other and played catch and we practiced a little bit then we each threw 5 good throws and after that each of us went back a step and when we finished Playing the food was ready.
I ate a little and after a couple of hours we left and on the way home i said that i got much better at baseball.
When we got home my mother started making some muffins and i was taking out the muffin wrappers my mother dropped a almond and i caught it between the wrappers. Thats a proof that i got better at baseball.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Brothers Swimming Lesson

Yesterday I went with my brother to his swimming lesson in efrat. Our car Brock down and because of that we had to go in a taxi, and my father didn't let me go because it was going to be to complicated to get me going in the taxi. It was complicated because they ordered a taxi on the way to the pool and back only for one person. I kept on begging but they didn't agree, but because i was begging so much they asked my brother Immanuel if he wants me to come with him to his swimming lesson and he said "Yes". And because my brother said yes my parents called the owner of the taxi and asked him if he has room for another person and also he said "Yes". When i knew that i was allowed to go with Immanuel to his swimming lesson i went down stairs with Immanuel to wait for the taxi. And at the end the swimming lesson in my sense was very good Because in my swimming lessons it was very boring. In Immanuel's lesson she helps you dive and everything you need to know; And in my swimming lesson she didn't help me do anything. Now i want to go to that swimming lesson with my brother.