Thursday, July 30, 2009

BabySitting Ometz & Chen Shmuel

On erev Tisha Be'av my mom got very sick. She asked me if I could Babysit Ometz & ChenShmuel, I asked if I get paid and they said 5 shekel an hour. Of course I agreed so I put them in front of the computer to watch movies for 8 hours. and they gave me Fourty shekel just for putting them in front of the computer to watch movies the whole day.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

TreasureHunt For a BirthDay

On Thursday July 24th Immanuel and I realized that on Sunday it would be Immanuel's Birthday. So on Shabbos I was thinking how could I make it that he'll feel happy as if it was his Birthday Party. At the end of the day i planned to make him a treasure hunt and at the end he's going to come to a certain bench and he's going to have breakfast and desert and some candy. And of course how could i expect so much as soon as i finished buying everything Immanuel was already waiting. So we washed and eat breakfast and had some candy. There was just one thing i forgot to buy 'A Drink', so we went to Grocery and bought a drink.
At the end I spent a total of: 38₪