Thursday, January 10, 2008


A lot of kids in my school play "Supergol". What is "Supergol"?
Supergol are these kind of cards with pictures of soccer players, some of the soccer pictures are when the soccer player is in a good position or just his face on the card. The kids who play Supergol put some cards in the middle and do rock paper scissors shoot, who ever wins in the rock paper scissors shoot claps his hand on the card and what ever he flips is his then the other kid who lost in the rock paper scissors shoot claps his hand and what ever he flips is his. They keep on doing that untell the cards are done. Here is a picture of a Supergol named moshe biton with only his face in the card:


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Singing Tish

Today I planned with my father a Tish. a tish its kind of a party. Me and my father planned on the next Tuesday (15/1/08) I am going to have a Tish, and I am aloud to invite 4 kids to my Tish. In the tish my mother is going to play the guitar and 0my father and my friends and I will sing שירי נפש songs for example: ולירושלים, נער הייתי. Also when ever each kid gets to my house he gets a slice of pizza and who ever sings nicly gets a rogalach. I was so exited when I was getting a tish. So I decided to Invite 2 kids from my class and 2 kids from my friends class. I asked my father if he can put color paper for the printer and I can print the Invitations In the color paper he put. here is one of my invitations I printed: