Sunday, April 17, 2011

"4th Time Double Lucky"

On Friday April 15th My family and I went to the Midrechov With Sabba & Savta. On our way to the restaurant where we were going to eat lunch we passed by a lottery ticket Stand. I convinced Abba to buy me one with my money. Obviously I did not win a single shekel, and ate lunch with the disappointment of not winning. After lunch we decided to go to the marketplace ("The Shuk") to buy supplies for Shabbos. On the way I convinced Abba to buy me another lottery ticket but still no luck. We were almost at the marketplace then Yaakov Avdiel manages to convince Abba to buy me a ticket by saying "3rd Time lucky", and Abba gave in. I eagerly scratched it out, but to no avail. As we approached the marketplace Abba stopped at his favorite bookshop, and I took the chance and made more money (by reciting Tehillim) and convinced him to buy me another one at the marketplace. Abba stopped by the store while everybody else kept on going, and when Abba gave me the lottery ticked so I slowly scratched it, not expecting to win anything. As I scratched one of the wining prizes I saw I won 50 Shekel!!!!. Abba ran back to the shop to cash it in, and comes back saying: "You were wrong you didn't win 50 shekel, Rather you won 100 Shekel!!!". Abba explained that I didn't just win one prize, I won two prizes. As Abba finished talking, I came up with my  new motto: "4th Time Double Lucky"


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Ice Skating

On Wednesday April 13th, Abba agreed to take Yaakov Avdiel and I Ice skating in honor of Yaakov Avdiel's Birthday which was on March 11th. The Ice skating field was placed within the borders of Kikar Safra. We parked a 10 minutes walk away from Kikar Safra. When we to the ticket stand there was a line of 50 people waiting to buy a ticket. Since we ordered in advance so we were allowed to cut the whole line, and get the exact time we wanted, since the place was so packed the anyone who bought a ticket at 11:30 would only get the 14:00 ticket. So we got the skates and the second I put a foot on the ice so I immediately Slipped and fell forwards on my hands.  After that I never left the bar on the side which I could hold onto to break my fall. Abba  went ahead with Yaakov Avdiel teaching him how to skate, and while he did that I watched other people and kind of understood how to skate. When Abba came back for me it only took a little bit and I didn't need him anymore. After just 1/2 hour I was already skating around the field without holding on to the bar even once. Obviously while I was training with Abba I fell backwards and forwards many times. Later Abba took Yaakov Avdiel and I to the mall where we eat lunch and played in the arcade.
To see me Ice skate just click on the following link: