Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winning in Ticket to Ride

4 days after the summer started Bubbe & Zayde arrived. When they were here they encouraged us to play ticked to ride. Ticket to Ride is a game that printed on the board is a map of a continent, with many of the trains and cities of that continent showing. You get a couple of destination ticket's that tell you where you need to build trains on the map.  There are 6 long Routes which need 20/21 trains to complete them. There are also many short routes that require about 10 trains to complete them. At the end when you count up your points, Every destination ticket you complete gives you a bonus of a certain amount of points. While Bubbe & Zayde were here we played ticket to ride many times, and I haven't really made an overjoying accomplishment of winning with a unbelievable score. After Bubbe and Zayde left, Immanuel and I Played together Ticket to Ride many times, and not once had I fulfilled my wish. Today I played with Immanuel Ticket to Ride and completed 10 destination tickets and finally made an unbelievable score: 166 Point!!!!!!!!. Finally I can be truly happy knowing I made the record of the family!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Day of Birthday Parties

During the last week of School, the students were all excited about the rapidly approaching summer. Since it was the end of the year, Most of the students wanted to know who their teacher will be next year, but none of the teachers agreed to tell us who it was, despite all our pestering. On the Penultimate day of school, two of my friends organized an end of year activity for the whole class. The plans for the activity were to go to a soccer court, celebrate the parties of all the kids whose birthdays didn’t occur on the school year, and at the end to go to the pizza store and eat lunch. As planned the whole class went to the soccer court and there we celebrated all the birthdays of the kids that shall only take place in the summer. For each kid my friends organized an activity that matches the kid’s likings. At the end they did a surprise activity for the teacher, because his birthday occurred not more than a week before that day. The teacher’s liking was to play with his son, and since we were his students, it was as if we were his kids. My friend made a questionnaire of about 15 easy, hard, and medium questions. That questionnaire test’s the teacher knowledge of the kids in our class. The teacher had to get to 60 points, and every question that he answers right, he gets a certain number of points. If the teacher would get three mistakes he would had to run round around the court, and if he got 60 points, so the whole class would have to run round around the court. Aside from those 15 questions there was an extra bonus question which was worth 20 points. The teacher asked us to ask him the bonus question first. One of my friends read the question that in my opinion was worth more than 20 points: "Who will be our teacher next year?". Unfortunately, the teacher ignored that question and answered the other questions. We finished the activity around 12:30, so we went to the pizza store and bought lunch. Our teacher managed to persuade the school to pay for the pizza for us. The whole class finished the day with disappointment in our spirits, but a delicious nourishment in our bodies.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"4th Time Double Lucky"

On Friday April 15th My family and I went to the Midrechov With Sabba & Savta. On our way to the restaurant where we were going to eat lunch we passed by a lottery ticket Stand. I convinced Abba to buy me one with my money. Obviously I did not win a single shekel, and ate lunch with the disappointment of not winning. After lunch we decided to go to the marketplace ("The Shuk") to buy supplies for Shabbos. On the way I convinced Abba to buy me another lottery ticket but still no luck. We were almost at the marketplace then Yaakov Avdiel manages to convince Abba to buy me a ticket by saying "3rd Time lucky", and Abba gave in. I eagerly scratched it out, but to no avail. As we approached the marketplace Abba stopped at his favorite bookshop, and I took the chance and made more money (by reciting Tehillim) and convinced him to buy me another one at the marketplace. Abba stopped by the store while everybody else kept on going, and when Abba gave me the lottery ticked so I slowly scratched it, not expecting to win anything. As I scratched one of the wining prizes I saw I won 50 Shekel!!!!. Abba ran back to the shop to cash it in, and comes back saying: "You were wrong you didn't win 50 shekel, Rather you won 100 Shekel!!!". Abba explained that I didn't just win one prize, I won two prizes. As Abba finished talking, I came up with my  new motto: "4th Time Double Lucky"


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Ice Skating

On Wednesday April 13th, Abba agreed to take Yaakov Avdiel and I Ice skating in honor of Yaakov Avdiel's Birthday which was on March 11th. The Ice skating field was placed within the borders of Kikar Safra. We parked a 10 minutes walk away from Kikar Safra. When we to the ticket stand there was a line of 50 people waiting to buy a ticket. Since we ordered in advance so we were allowed to cut the whole line, and get the exact time we wanted, since the place was so packed the anyone who bought a ticket at 11:30 would only get the 14:00 ticket. So we got the skates and the second I put a foot on the ice so I immediately Slipped and fell forwards on my hands.  After that I never left the bar on the side which I could hold onto to break my fall. Abba  went ahead with Yaakov Avdiel teaching him how to skate, and while he did that I watched other people and kind of understood how to skate. When Abba came back for me it only took a little bit and I didn't need him anymore. After just 1/2 hour I was already skating around the field without holding on to the bar even once. Obviously while I was training with Abba I fell backwards and forwards many times. Later Abba took Yaakov Avdiel and I to the mall where we eat lunch and played in the arcade.
To see me Ice skate just click on the following link:


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wearing a non school shirt

This year our school insists on bringing a school uniform. Our school uniforms are a random color collar shirt with the school autograph on it. Recently I didn't find a school shirt, but all I found was a lousy brazil soccer shirt. Other than that I did find a valid school sweatshirt. I didn't want to get screamed at (A couple of days ago my friend didn't bring a school shirt and the teacher screamed at him), so I put on the brazil shirt and covered it with the sweatshirt. When I got to school I didn't take off my sweatshirt the whole day, and the teacher never knew that I didn't bring a school shirt.