Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tehillim at the cotel

On the sixth night of Chanukkah my father took me and my family (with my bubbe and zaide) to the "Kotel". On the way to the kotel, we walked down the road בן-יהודה to "Burger King". I took a triple burger with coke. Later we walked up the road (בן-יהודה) to "שקלים" and bought some clothing. After a half an our we walked to a bus stop and went on the 38 bus. The 38 bus take you to the kotel, so we got on it. We got off at the kotel stop and went to the Kotel. At the kotel there was a huge menora with candles lighting. We (not including my bubbe) went in to the boy section to reed the tehillim (written on klaf). I read out loud 14 perakim from tehillim with out stopping. Here Is a link for a video of me doing bits of prakim א,ג,ד,יב:
Tehillim Video

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The "Water Proof" watch

Yesterday my Bubbe and Zaide came to my house at 6:15 PM with 6 suitcases with a lot of presents in them. A couple of minutes later my family lit our Chanukkah candles. After my family (with me) lit our candles My Bubbe and Zaide gave us our Chanukkah present. Our Chanukkah present was a Waterproof watch which can be submerged 100m in water. Here Is an image of my watch that I got Yesterday:

after we got our Waterproof watch they gave us Chanukkah Cookies for the way to there house that they were staying for Chanukkah. They lit their candles and we went home.


My father's work "doughnut"

On Thursday,December 06,2007 My father took me to his work. On the way we dropped off my mother and little brother at the pool. We drove to his (my fathers) work. As soon as we got there my father took me to the kitchen of the work, and I got to eat a chocolate doughnut. Here is an image of a chocolate doughnut (not the same kind of doughnut I had):

I enjoyed the chocolate doughnut and when I finished, I went back to the desk and wrote this blog post.