Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day at Jerusalem

On Friday my Family and I went to Jerusalem to meet my Sabba & Savta. We got there at about 13:30 and marched straight to Burger King. My Sabba & Savta very Genouresly bought all of us a meal of whatever we wanted. When we brought the drinks up Everything got mixed up!. I drank Grape juice instead of coke and that really disappointed me (even though I didn't taste the difference).


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Temimi and Chani Visit

Yesterday My cousins visited me. At around 10:45 Temimi and Chani arrived at our house and Temimi and I played chess (I Won). 20 minutes later we were learning the 'High School Musical - Were All In This Together' Dance. After that Temimi, Chani and I went shopping at the gorocery by the shul and we bought some wings to grill. each one of us took one package of wings and when we got home I defrosted them in the oven. I showed Temimi and Chani the recipe for the marinade, and they each took a boal and made enough to mix 3/4 of a Kilo of wings. I turned on the grill and the girls started grilling the wings (On their Own). To watch them doing it click 'Temimi and Chani Visit' button and watch the movie.

Temimi and Chani Visit


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Day of Adventures

Yesterday my Friend called Me and asked if I want to go with him to the playground in 'Rosh Tzurim'. I asked my mom and she answered 'Of Course'. I thought it would make a good movie so I took my Video Camera and my father's old (backup) hat. I taped some good parts and we played 15 more minutes of sports and then went back to their house in Efrat. When my mother came to pick me up she also took me and the Little Boys to the park in the Gefen. I had my video camera with me so I also got some good clips of them playing. After I got home I transfered all the videos from the camera to the computer and worked Two Hours making a movie out of the videos. Here is the link to the movie i made:

A Day Of Adventures

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp Milk And Honey 2009

Every summer I edit a video for a women named Rivka (Epstein) Hattin. The video is about the camp she makes every year. She paid me Fifty Shekel to make that video. Here is the link for the movie:

Camp Milk And Honey 2009 - Camp Life

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BabySitting Ometz & Chen Shmuel

On erev Tisha Be'av my mom got very sick. She asked me if I could Babysit Ometz & ChenShmuel, I asked if I get paid and they said 5 shekel an hour. Of course I agreed so I put them in front of the computer to watch movies for 8 hours. and they gave me Fourty shekel just for putting them in front of the computer to watch movies the whole day.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

TreasureHunt For a BirthDay

On Thursday July 24th Immanuel and I realized that on Sunday it would be Immanuel's Birthday. So on Shabbos I was thinking how could I make it that he'll feel happy as if it was his Birthday Party. At the end of the day i planned to make him a treasure hunt and at the end he's going to come to a certain bench and he's going to have breakfast and desert and some candy. And of course how could i expect so much as soon as i finished buying everything Immanuel was already waiting. So we washed and eat breakfast and had some candy. There was just one thing i forgot to buy 'A Drink', so we went to Grocery and bought a drink.
At the end I spent a total of: 38₪


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Falafel for Breakfast?

On Sunday 17/5/09 my Teacher made an official announcement that on Friday (Yom Yerushalim) we will have a class breakfast. So he chose 1 kid to take complete charge of the menu (if he wants he can ask someone to help him). On Monday the teacher checked if everything was all right. And on that same day I heard the kid in charge wanted to have falafel at 10:00 in the morning. I thought it was crazy and a lot of other kids agreed that to have falafel in the morning is disgusting. So he changed it to pancakes and french-fries and they even added eggs for scrambled eggs. When my teacher herd that we were having french-fries he himself said "are you crazy?"


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bus and the lottery tickets

On Monday 13\4\09 My Family and I went to the Old City. Our car is only a five seater so my father and I had to tremp. We took a bus to the תחנה המרכזית and we were about to get on to a bus when we saw a Loto store. We ran there bought 2 of the 20 shekels tickets 2 of the 10 shekels tickets and 1 of the 15 shekel tickets. As soon as we got it we ran to the bus they said it was full so we went to the second one but they said that he wasn't going to the place we were going. Finally we found a bus that would get us close to where we wanted to go. We were lucky because we were the last ones on. And as for the lottery tickets i won 30 shekels and lost 45 shekels.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Program That Tests Aramic

A couple times a week in school Yaakov Avdiel has gemara. There Are A lot of hard words so i made him a program that writes a word in aramic. if he just can't do it or he just can't remember so he clicks the 'I Give Up' button and it tells him the answer and then another word.

If he got it right then he gets a new word to do the same thing.

If he guesses worng then he does the same word again until he gives up or gets it right.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Last chametz rolls

Yesterday we were cleaning the whole morning. Beetween every chore we got a break. When I Finished my first Chore I was very hungry. Just then my parents came home from shopping so I had 2 of the 3 white (flour) rolls that they bought. After I did a lot more of my chores then I ate the last roll. When I was Just about to finish my roll Immanuel came and saw me and said he also wants. while he said that my mother passed by and said that Immanuel could have one of her Whole Wheat rolls. I was very happy that i didn't need to have one of her whole wheat rolls because I hate store-bought Whole Wheat rolls. So it turns out to be I was very happy with the three rolls for most of the day.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ometz And his Sandals

On Sunday 05\04\09 I had vacation so The Whole morning My brothers and I Played computer games. Later Immanuel took Chen Shmuel and Ometz my little brothers to a park. Chen Shmuel went to his camp and Immanuel played with Ometz. When Immanuel got back it turned out to be that they forgot Ometz's Sandals. So I went all the way to the park on my bike and when i got there it took me five minutes just to find the sandals. I tied them to my bike and started riding back, but just when I almost got home i realized the one sandal fell so I had to go back on my trails until i found the sandal.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Trip To

On Tuesday 31/03/09 My Family And I Went To Ganei Yehoshua. We Didn't have Room In The Car For Everybody, So My Father And I Tremped to the Train And My Mother and the rest of the family went by car (Not To The Train). When We Got to Ganei Yehoshua (They Were Already There) my Brother Called me to where they were. Soon We Climbed up to the top of one of the Activity Building And Here's a picture of me and him on the top:

Later we Were bored so my father rented us a family bicycle and Me and my Brother Drove It. My Little Brother (Immanuel) sat in the back being LAZY While me and My BIG Brother drove (When i came home the spot where i sat on the seat of the family Bicycle was blue) Here Is A Picture of us:

Next we went to the Boats on a Row boat but there was only room for 5 so me and my big brother took a Pedal Boat and we were pedaling all over. After a couple of minutes when we were next to the rest of the family the wind blew and my cipah fell into the water we tried taking it but by the time we managed to reach it the cipah drowned. Here Is a Picture of us pedaling:


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A. K. and his Sister Fight and Tie

On Purim Night (NOT Shushan) my Father, brother and I went to party at my friend's (A.K.) mishte. I asked him if he'd like to sleepover, THEN his parents agreed so all i had to do was convince my father. Afterward my Father, A.K. and I had a "conference" about "What would we do if he let us sleepover". So we talked and finally we came to an agreement: We would write an essay during the night and in the morning we'd watch a movie and play computer games. After a while A.K. and I were talking and his sister came and "by accident" closed a drawer on A.K.'s back. A.K. ignored it for a minute and surprisingly went to his sister and kicked her very hard. His aunt gave her an idea so A.K.'s sister took a cup of water and pretended drinking and came to A.K. and spilled the cup of water on A.K. So A.K. was so mad he took a wine bottle and almost smashed it on her head. Then she tattle-told on A.K. and just in time his mother stopped him from smashing the bottle of wine. They talked a little and his sister showed him the spot where he kicked her. So he saw a full opened bottle of water on the table so while she was showing him what he did to her he took the bottle of water and spilled it all over her. Later he was in such a bad mood that his parents didn't let him sleepover.