Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A. K. and his Sister Fight and Tie

On Purim Night (NOT Shushan) my Father, brother and I went to party at my friend's (A.K.) mishte. I asked him if he'd like to sleepover, THEN his parents agreed so all i had to do was convince my father. Afterward my Father, A.K. and I had a "conference" about "What would we do if he let us sleepover". So we talked and finally we came to an agreement: We would write an essay during the night and in the morning we'd watch a movie and play computer games. After a while A.K. and I were talking and his sister came and "by accident" closed a drawer on A.K.'s back. A.K. ignored it for a minute and surprisingly went to his sister and kicked her very hard. His aunt gave her an idea so A.K.'s sister took a cup of water and pretended drinking and came to A.K. and spilled the cup of water on A.K. So A.K. was so mad he took a wine bottle and almost smashed it on her head. Then she tattle-told on A.K. and just in time his mother stopped him from smashing the bottle of wine. They talked a little and his sister showed him the spot where he kicked her. So he saw a full opened bottle of water on the table so while she was showing him what he did to her he took the bottle of water and spilled it all over her. Later he was in such a bad mood that his parents didn't let him sleepover.