Monday, February 1, 2010


Today during my first period my teacher gave out a test in math. I was so surprised i thought i was gonna get a zero on the test (even though i'm just about the best in the class at the subject) Plus i had a cold and it was very hard for me to take the test. I did the test (Pretty easy) and the teacher said that he will check the tests and give them back later that day. Later that day the teacher read out all the grades (without names)to us. The first 10 were und 70 the next 9 were under 95. The last three were 99, 104, 107. He crangradulated me and two other kids and said the that each of our grades was the lowest of 99. i couldn't believe my ears i had actualy gotten one of the highest grades. I almost fainted on the spot i was so frightened out.

The End