Monday, October 11, 2010

Barbecue for Simchat Torah

A week before Simchat Torah my father's friend told me that he was doing a barbecue on Simchat Torah and wondered if I wanted to help. Obviously I said yes, so he told me to come at 12:00. Later on at the dancing of Simchat Torah I met him and he told me to come like half an hour earlier. At 11:35 I went to his house and we got out the barbecue (Charcoal). We did it but we had a couple of problems (Such as the heat was too low and so on), so we made a couple of rules for next time:
a)Use two bags of Charcoal not one
b)Start earlier so we wont be under preasure.
c)For the fire to go on use paper towls soaked in oil not tissues.
d)dont pour the coals ontop of our fire producers.
Hopefully this friday were going to do a barbecue. Hope we go by all these rules!!!
Here is a picture of the barbecue we were working with: