Saturday, March 27, 2010

Losing the Button to my pants

About 10 minutes before shabbos started I switched to shabbos clothes. I had managed to find black pants that fit me and were not ripped. Those pants had a button holding it tight. So I went to shul davened and stayed for the drasha that the rav said right before maariv. After davening I ran home and went to the bathroom, and when I opened the button i herd something fall to the floor. I thought it was a twinkie (I had a few in my pocket) so I looked for it on the floor and instead found a button. I put it in my other pocket and when I wanted to button my pants again I couldn't because there was no button. I didn't switch pants because I was too lazy to switch. When I went to shul the next day I felt my pants falling down every second. It was so embarrassing that I kept on 'Picking My Pants' (as we say in our days).


Friday, March 26, 2010

The trip to the 'Old City'

on Thursday 25/03/2010 my brother and I took a bus to the central bus station to take a bus from there to the old city. At the central bus stations I met savta (as planned). We bought a little drink for each of us before going out to catch a bus or taxi. My big brother took a 'Ice Vanila' (like 'ice Coffee'), Savta took 'Orange Juice' and I took 'Hot chocolate'. We went outside to catch a taxi that took us all the way to "Shaar Yafo". We walked all the way to the "Rova Hayehudi" and down to the pizza shop. We stopped by the pizza shop before we went to the falafel store to see the picture of me eating pizza (as shown at bottom). After we saw the picture we ate at the falafel store, my big brother took 'shwarma' savta took falafel and I took a pita with pickles and french fries. After we finished eating we benched and headed down to the cotel. On the way we stopped by the store in the name of "מוריה". We bought some books and while savta went to the bathroom she agreed I could buy a little bit of ice cream. I wanted to pay with my credit card (gift card) and I had to buy with at least 20 Nis. I bought my big brother a drink if he'd pay me back and wanted to buy myself a ball of ice cream. The problem was that it wasn't enough to pay with a credit card. I decided to buy two balls of ice cream and then it was enough. Just before he put the second one on savta came in and told him not to put it on. I told her i'll share with my big brother, and savta agreed and the man put the second ball on. while he was adjusting it my brother 'relized' that he is fleishig and he couldn't eat the ice cream. We cracked up and savta ended up sharing with me. Savta and I ate the ice cream while my brother drank what i bought him. After that we went to the kotel davened mincha and took a bus home.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cross-Stitching My Name For my tefilin bag

About a month ago i decided to write my name by Cross-Stitching different color threads. I started with the first letter of my name: ש. I decided to make it yellowish goldish, the א I decided to make it green. The next letter was ל and I decided to make it light blue and so on. When i finished all the letters I decided to put in all the Nikud as the same color as the letter on top of it. I finished it today and this is how it came out: