Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day at Jerusalem

On Friday my Family and I went to Jerusalem to meet my Sabba & Savta. We got there at about 13:30 and marched straight to Burger King. My Sabba & Savta very Genouresly bought all of us a meal of whatever we wanted. When we brought the drinks up Everything got mixed up!. I drank Grape juice instead of coke and that really disappointed me (even though I didn't taste the difference).


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Temimi and Chani Visit

Yesterday My cousins visited me. At around 10:45 Temimi and Chani arrived at our house and Temimi and I played chess (I Won). 20 minutes later we were learning the 'High School Musical - Were All In This Together' Dance. After that Temimi, Chani and I went shopping at the gorocery by the shul and we bought some wings to grill. each one of us took one package of wings and when we got home I defrosted them in the oven. I showed Temimi and Chani the recipe for the marinade, and they each took a boal and made enough to mix 3/4 of a Kilo of wings. I turned on the grill and the girls started grilling the wings (On their Own). To watch them doing it click 'Temimi and Chani Visit' button and watch the movie.

Temimi and Chani Visit


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Day of Adventures

Yesterday my Friend called Me and asked if I want to go with him to the playground in 'Rosh Tzurim'. I asked my mom and she answered 'Of Course'. I thought it would make a good movie so I took my Video Camera and my father's old (backup) hat. I taped some good parts and we played 15 more minutes of sports and then went back to their house in Efrat. When my mother came to pick me up she also took me and the Little Boys to the park in the Gefen. I had my video camera with me so I also got some good clips of them playing. After I got home I transfered all the videos from the camera to the computer and worked Two Hours making a movie out of the videos. Here is the link to the movie i made:

A Day Of Adventures

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp Milk And Honey 2009

Every summer I edit a video for a women named Rivka (Epstein) Hattin. The video is about the camp she makes every year. She paid me Fifty Shekel to make that video. Here is the link for the movie:

Camp Milk And Honey 2009 - Camp Life