Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giving in a First Grade Essay

A couple of weeks ago my hebrew class teacher gave us an essay assignment. Obviously almost nobody did it at home, so everybody was making up a quick essay during the breaks. I didn't want to write an essay so I just grabbed one of my 2006 essays. The teacher called some kids up to read their story, and said that they weren't right and they didn't give the right opening. Finally he called me up and I started reading. After the first sentence he started commenting and said that all the essays should have this type of opening, and even when I was done he kept on cangratulating me for the most wonderful essay. I started cracking up, and everybody didn't understand why until I explained that it was my first grade essay.

The End

Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to a movie with a friend alone

On wednesday 8/12/10 I went to watch "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" at the theaters. My friend and I wanted to have good seats so we ordered tickets on the net the sunday before the movie. We chose the seats in the middle of the 5th row. Even though we paid an extra 9 shekels, it was worth it. When we got to the theaters there was a huge line of about 50 people. we went to the lady who was giving out the tickets, and when she saw our reserved ID number she stopped what she was doing to give us our tickets. We looked back at the huge line we skipped and I told my friend "good thing we ordered on the net, otherwise we would have been stuck in the line for 3 years". After the movie we needed to get to the central bus station. We couldn't find a road that leads to the central bus station, so we followed the crowd that apparently was going to the bus station. We got on the bus safely and got home at 15:30.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Barbecue on our Porch

On monday a couple of weeks ago I decided to go to the MiniMarket and buy a grill. I checked it out, and I found out that the grill costs 40 Shekels,and aside from that the charcoal costs 40 shekel. I asked if there were cheaper ones but the guy at the store said that there were packages with more charcoal for the same amount, but he also said that the charcoal that I have in my hand were charcoals that have flammable liquid on them. Obviously I bought the good charcoals (the ones with the flammable liquid), and the same night I convinced my parents to let me do a barbecue on our porch. We quickly got the fire going only because both my brothers agreed to help. At the end the leftovers were my father's breakfast and lunch the following tuesday.
Here is a picture of my two brothers and I handling the fire:



Monday, October 11, 2010

Barbecue for Simchat Torah

A week before Simchat Torah my father's friend told me that he was doing a barbecue on Simchat Torah and wondered if I wanted to help. Obviously I said yes, so he told me to come at 12:00. Later on at the dancing of Simchat Torah I met him and he told me to come like half an hour earlier. At 11:35 I went to his house and we got out the barbecue (Charcoal). We did it but we had a couple of problems (Such as the heat was too low and so on), so we made a couple of rules for next time:
a)Use two bags of Charcoal not one
b)Start earlier so we wont be under preasure.
c)For the fire to go on use paper towls soaked in oil not tissues.
d)dont pour the coals ontop of our fire producers.
Hopefully this friday were going to do a barbecue. Hope we go by all these rules!!!
Here is a picture of the barbecue we were working with:


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meeting my teacher!!

A couple of weeks ago I recived a letter From my teacher, Saying that i'll be meeting him on friday August 27th at 9:50. He also sent a whole paper talking about something but I didn't read it. So the day came and I went to school with abba to meet my teacher and my teacher talked with me a little. One of the things he talked to me about was something he wrote in the letter. He asked me if I read his letter so I said yes, Because I thought he only meant the part at the end. So once I understood what he meant I had to act as if I really did read it. It was kind of hard but I managed.
Here is the part of the letter that I read (the second Pic), and the other part that I just ignored (the first pic):


And here is the translation:



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making a Lanyard

During the first couple of weeks of the summer my grandparents were here. We were going on trips all over Jerusalem with them, and the trips on which I went with them were the best of my life!!. Later on my mother went to a supplies store with my grandmother and bought a lot of stuff, and one of the things she bought for me was a package of Lanyard strings. From school I learned a lot of tricks about how to use Lanyard String and I showed my grandmother how to do a couple of tricks. Here is the nicest and hardest trick I learned to do:

Later on my grandmother generously offered to buy the american type of lanyard, and I was sooooooooooooo Excited. When she returned to america she went to baltimore to visit my cousins for a week, and the day she came back to teaneck she also bought the lanyard.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting a 24 Key X-key Device

A couple of days ago I got a X-key (Extra keys) Device. My father got a 20 key one a couple of months ago and I liked it so I saved all my Birthday money that I got from my Great Grandmother & Grandfather until I had enough money to buy the 24 Key Device. When I checked online how much it costs and I figured out that the same amount the 20 key one costs the same as the 24 key. I've already set a couple of keys to do something for me. For example Button1 - Make a new folder, Button2 - Run Command Prompt, and so on. The picture above is the picture of what I got.
Here is the link to the 24 X-key Device on amazon:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watching a movie with Friends

On Tuesday I wanted to have a movie party. Apparently that same day I had Swimming lessons at 16:00 So I delayed the party to 18:00. On my way back from the swimming pool I stopped by the Minimarket to get microwavable popcorn. As soon as I got Home I set up the projector and the screen. My original plan was to invite a few friends and one of them would sleep over. On Sunday my friend had said he could sleepover but on tuesday he said he could come for the movie but not for the sleepover. However there was another conflict. My youth group Advisor wanted to plan an activity at 18:00, but when he heard that i'm inviting a few people for a movie so he suggested that the activity would be the movie and I agreed. So he invited my whole youth group to the movie and since my group is for the whole town it includes hebrew speakers that don't understand english. Because of the hebrew speakers I had to work for 2 Hours on HEBREW subtitles and make sure they would fit to the movie. The movie we watched is called:



Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Comparison of The Yeshiva Boys Choir Concerts

Last night (5/08/10) I went to the second Yeshiva Boys Choirs concert. As I said in the last post they asked for a comparison and which one I thought was better. So after the show I went to a guy called Yidde (he was the one who made all the anouncments). When I went over to him I explained to him who I was, and he asked me which one I liked better. This is what I told him:

1. The first one was better because I was more excited and it was my first concert. However the second concert was better because the audience was way more active and therefore it was twice as exciting.

2. Yaakov Mordechai and Eli Gerstners are half brothers. Eli is in his 20s and director of the choir, and Yaakov Mordechai is only 12 Years old and joined the choir when he was 5. Right before they start the song that they always sing together Eli intrduces Yaakov Mordechai in two different ways.
In the first concert - that Yaakov Mordechai fit in his suitcase and slept through the whole flight nicely.
In the second concert - that there was smoke all around him wherever he was.

Those were the main big differences between both concerts!!!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Yeshiva Boys Concert

On Sunday August First I went to the yeshiva boys choir concert. I first decided to go a couple of weeks before, but I forgot to order the tickets until last thursday. When I remembered I told my father and he ordered the tickets. He agreed to buy each of us a 75 shekel ticket (The cheepest and furthest away seat), but I really wanted to be up infront so I saved up my money until i had enough to get 125 Shekel tickets which are close and right infront of the stage. On sunday my father came home early from his work to go with me to the concert. I packed myself some food that just ended up rotting in my bag, because the concert was so good i totaly forgot that I was hungry. Towards 9 aclock I asked my father if I could go buy some more popcorn with my money. He agreed and said he'd come with me. once we were out we decided to go to the bathroom. When we came back in the choir was finishing a song and then there was an intermission. That was perfect timing because during the intermission the popcorn line was very long, and the bathroom was filled. at the end I decided that the concert was so good and I wanted to go again on thursday. My father said that i'd have to pay for all the tickets and he can't take me. Later we agreed that my mother would come with me. When my father called they were out of the cheepest tickets, but they said I would get a 10 percent discount if after the concert I came over and told them the differences between the concerts and which one was better, and I agreed.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Losing the Button to my pants

About 10 minutes before shabbos started I switched to shabbos clothes. I had managed to find black pants that fit me and were not ripped. Those pants had a button holding it tight. So I went to shul davened and stayed for the drasha that the rav said right before maariv. After davening I ran home and went to the bathroom, and when I opened the button i herd something fall to the floor. I thought it was a twinkie (I had a few in my pocket) so I looked for it on the floor and instead found a button. I put it in my other pocket and when I wanted to button my pants again I couldn't because there was no button. I didn't switch pants because I was too lazy to switch. When I went to shul the next day I felt my pants falling down every second. It was so embarrassing that I kept on 'Picking My Pants' (as we say in our days).


Friday, March 26, 2010

The trip to the 'Old City'

on Thursday 25/03/2010 my brother and I took a bus to the central bus station to take a bus from there to the old city. At the central bus stations I met savta (as planned). We bought a little drink for each of us before going out to catch a bus or taxi. My big brother took a 'Ice Vanila' (like 'ice Coffee'), Savta took 'Orange Juice' and I took 'Hot chocolate'. We went outside to catch a taxi that took us all the way to "Shaar Yafo". We walked all the way to the "Rova Hayehudi" and down to the pizza shop. We stopped by the pizza shop before we went to the falafel store to see the picture of me eating pizza (as shown at bottom). After we saw the picture we ate at the falafel store, my big brother took 'shwarma' savta took falafel and I took a pita with pickles and french fries. After we finished eating we benched and headed down to the cotel. On the way we stopped by the store in the name of "מוריה". We bought some books and while savta went to the bathroom she agreed I could buy a little bit of ice cream. I wanted to pay with my credit card (gift card) and I had to buy with at least 20 Nis. I bought my big brother a drink if he'd pay me back and wanted to buy myself a ball of ice cream. The problem was that it wasn't enough to pay with a credit card. I decided to buy two balls of ice cream and then it was enough. Just before he put the second one on savta came in and told him not to put it on. I told her i'll share with my big brother, and savta agreed and the man put the second ball on. while he was adjusting it my brother 'relized' that he is fleishig and he couldn't eat the ice cream. We cracked up and savta ended up sharing with me. Savta and I ate the ice cream while my brother drank what i bought him. After that we went to the kotel davened mincha and took a bus home.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cross-Stitching My Name For my tefilin bag

About a month ago i decided to write my name by Cross-Stitching different color threads. I started with the first letter of my name: ש. I decided to make it yellowish goldish, the א I decided to make it green. The next letter was ל and I decided to make it light blue and so on. When i finished all the letters I decided to put in all the Nikud as the same color as the letter on top of it. I finished it today and this is how it came out:


Monday, February 1, 2010


Today during my first period my teacher gave out a test in math. I was so surprised i thought i was gonna get a zero on the test (even though i'm just about the best in the class at the subject) Plus i had a cold and it was very hard for me to take the test. I did the test (Pretty easy) and the teacher said that he will check the tests and give them back later that day. Later that day the teacher read out all the grades (without names)to us. The first 10 were und 70 the next 9 were under 95. The last three were 99, 104, 107. He crangradulated me and two other kids and said the that each of our grades was the lowest of 99. i couldn't believe my ears i had actualy gotten one of the highest grades. I almost fainted on the spot i was so frightened out.

The End

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gabai Junior

Every shabbos i come to maariv half an hour early and tidy up the side room for the 6:00 minyan. Because i still have a lot of time i clear up the main room which means: fix all the seats, put all the siddors away and fold all the talis. After shmone esreh i set up havdalah and get a teenager to be the mavdil. Because i do all this i'm guessing i'll be a gabai when i older.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Losing a shoe

A week ago on tuesday my youth group advisor called my whole chapter to come to our caravan. It rained hard the day before and there was a huge puddle right next to our caravan. On the side there was sand so i ran on it and my feet sunk in to the ground, because under the sand was water. When i pulled my feet out of the water my shoe got stuck under the water because the shoe wasn't on tight and it was 2 or 3 sizes big on me. At the end my advisor had to carry me to my house on his back after we looked for my shoe for a long time.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

חתן תפילה

On Sunday 17/01/10 at about 10:10 they called the fifth and sixth graders down to the beis medrash they gave out prizes of the three best kid in each class. here are the three subjects: 1. davening 2. mishna 3. derech eretz. i for some bizzare reason i got the davening prize for my class even though i always daven at the 6:00 minyan. here is the prize i got:


Sunday, January 17, 2010

a beautiful day

on thursday 14/01/10 i went with my little brother to the 6:00 minyan. we davened (immanuel didn't wan't to come because of long tachanun but he came anyways) and when it finished the time was 6:40. we went out to get the mail on our way home, and after we got the mail we looked at the sky. this is what we saw:

(what is white is supposed to be colurful)

i took the pictures with my mini digital camera. it was such a beautiful day!!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

getting a haircut

on Tuesday 12/01/09 i got a haircut. I had just about the longest hair in my class, so i was realy embarassed to take it because i thought i'd look like a freak. After my haircut i looked in the mirror and this is what i saw:

I was refusing to go to school the next day because i thought everybody would laugh at me. when i got to school i was so surprised almost no one noticed that i got a haircut.