Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My expectation for Chanukah

Every Thursday at the end of the day in school my teacher tells my class to make an essay. After he tells everybody to create the story, then the next week and the week after that he checks the story's and tells the kid who gave in the story what he should do. Either "revisions" or "It is done". this is part of my story that he told the whole class to do witch needs to be at least 200 words (in Hebrew, but I just translated It to English):

What will I do on Chanukah

Hello! I want to tell you what my expectations are for Chanukah. I am so excited because my father's parents are coming and are giving me a water proof watch.
Do you still want to know what my expectations for Chanukah are?
If yes, keep on reading.
1) On Chanukah I always like to eat doughnuts and latkes. But for the bad luck my parents only let my have one doughnut. They also barely let my have latkes unless I have protein first. Therefore I don’t expect from my parents to give me doughnuts and barely latkes.
2) I always like to go to "mitnapchim" (moon bounce) and buy popcorn. But my parents will never give me money to buy something not healthy. Therefore I do not expect my parents to give me money to buy something not healthy.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

how I finished in one year half of tehilim

On 04 November 2007 I finished half of seffer tehilim. I was doing the perakim of tehilim a lot of times and at the end I new it by hart.
A day later I asked my father if I can get extra money for finishing half of seffer tehilim.
He said: "you will get another spacial bonus if you go over half seffer tehilim and remember everything (to check he tests me)".
Here is one of the perakim I learned by hart witch is a song:

song of תהלים כ"ג


Friday, November 2, 2007

Why did my teacher throw my marble out the window

It occurred on October 24Th at school. That day I wan a lot of marbles from a lot of kids. The class I had started and I wanted my teacher to take away a marble from me so I took out a marble (witch is caled a "Nachashit" witch is wirth 8) and held it in front of me. My teacher saw it so he took it away and threw it tords the window but he missed. He caght it and tried throwing again but this time he got it out the window. After a couple of seconds he said: "Oh now you are going to write on your blog about how I threw you marble out the window". Soon unuf all the kids asked: "What is a blog?"

my teacher answerd:
"It is a יומן that the whole wold can see it".

Then a kid asked:
how do you make a blog?

I said:
"It is realy easy".

my teacher said:
"Just ask shaltiel".