Saturday, July 7, 2012

Title: The Tehillim Reading Part 9 - The Slideshow

The day before the reading, Abba asked me to make a Slideshow. In the slideshow he wanted me to write each perek on a different slide, and the page number that each perek is on. as shown below:

I agreed, and spent many hours on it, but the slideshow never seem to be near done, it kept going on and on, perek by perek, page by page, untill finally I finished. When my father looked over it, he said to make in each slide the words bigger. I was so frusturated, I worked so hard on doing it and now i'm redoing it again. Despite the frustration, I did it again, exactly the way he wanted it. When I was done, I added slides the welcomed everyone to the begining of each sefer, as shown below:

To Be Continued...


Unknown said...

Dear Shaltiel.

I liked the picture and the story that went with it about the Fanta bottle. pertaining to the last blog. You are a really good kid, rich with imagination and thought. and not afraid to talk openly about almost being overwhelmed by the whole thing. You acknowledge the pressure of the reciting by rote of the whole section of Tehilim and document the time it took, with breaks, etc.You really got a handle on things and what is involved to make them so special. I related to the part about so many pounds of pastries.

I remember for my "second Bar Mitzvah", the one the week after, in New Milford, with all those boxes of mini-pastries, and eating too many.

Uncle Stu

lindashmidman said...

All your frustration paid off, because the monitor was a unique and practical feature! We appreciate your hard work.