Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Tehillim Reading Part 7 - The Takehome Book

Throughout the reading, about 100-200 people came and went. Usually at events people make benchers, while we printed 150 Tehillim books. The reason that we supplied so many Tehillim books for people to follow with, was so everyone would be on the same page number (see upcoming post part 9). On the cover was a famous picture of David playing his harp, and all the animals were in a trance from the beauty of his playing. The original manuscript contained melted gold foil in a few places, so in order to imitate this, we raised the gold for real in those few places.  It was a really nice and impressive piece of art, and I'm sure everyone was happy that they got to take one home. 

To Be Continued...


Unknown said...

It is quite obvious from all the details in your blogs including this latest, and with the added meaningful pictures, that yours was a Bar Mitzvah noone will forget! Not only did you do everything required, but you were involved in so many other aspects of the Bar Mitzvah.

Very exciting and unique reading. Are you sure you just turned 13?

Grandma and Grandpa

lindashmidman said...

You are right. We treasure our copy!
Bubbe and Zaide