Monday, July 30, 2012

The Tehillim Reading Part 15 - The Talis

Every morning all talis-wearing Jews have a common problem:
how to keep the talis from falling off your shoulder every second. Some people just don't care and keep on picking up their talis every few seconds, others choose to buy a Talis clip and attach their talis around their shoulders and that solves the problem. I was very frustrated with the first solution, so I moved on to the second solution. In the middle of Ben-Yehuda street, there was a store that sold the perfect clip for me. Bubbe & Zayde very lovingly bought it for me, and throughout the tehillim reading, I didn't need to fix my talis even one time.

To Be Continued....


bubbe1 said...

Dear Shaltiel,
Seeing you wear the Talis clips gives us so much pleasure. You thought ahead for every eventuality; no wonder your reading progressed so smoothly, B"H.
Bubbe and Zayde

Unknown said...

Dear Shaltiel,
As we read the contents of this blog, we tend to feel that if talis clips had not been invented before your Bar Mitzvah, you would have invented a pair for your specific use in time for your Bar Mitzvah. Why? Because you would have recognized their specific need and would not have wanted to waste any time adjusting your talis when the concentration should be applied to the reading.

How did you choose your talis clips? Was it the color, the pattern, or the shape? We are sure you took everything into consideration.

Grandma and Grandpa

Shaltiel Shmidman said...

It was the very nice variety of colors, the very nice pattern it was carved into, and the perfect shape, that made me choose the clip.